Has the outside of your home been yearning for a makeover? You’re in luck, the season for outdoor decorating is fast approaching! Top tip: the spring is the perfect time for the outside of your home to undergo its transformation – read on to find out why you should book your painters while you still can!

The outside of your home is the first point of reference for any visitors or passers-by. It’s important to make a good impression, and a fresh paint job can do just that! Regular maintenance and upkeep of the outside of your home will also mean that you can reduce the risk of having to remedial work in the future.

Make the most of the summer months

Getting the outside of your home painted during the spring will ensure that you can make the most of it during the summer months. All those garden parties you’re planning to have can go ahead, safe in the knowledge that your house looks the best it ever has. It also gives plants and foliage the opportunity to grow along your fresh paint (should you wish them to), meaning that your home’s new look can be accompanied by lush summer flowers, making your property enticing.

Mild temperatures

Spring in the UK often lends us the best temperatures for external work. It’s not hot enough for painters to be uncomfortable when working, but the freezing temperatures of winter are long behind them. This means that the work can be completed without the unreliability of weather conditions. The stable weather is accompanied by a low chance of rain, so your project’s completion date should be able to be kept to. Springtime is also a great time for external repairs! The weather allows for more in-depth work to be completed, such as flat roof repairs, sash window repairs and masonry.

Less foliage to contend with

As it will have just been winter, there will be much less foliage that your painter has to worry about avoiding. If you wait until late summer for your exterior to be redecorated, you may have to worry about having to do some landscaping to uncover the entirety of your walls. This will take up more time and create hassle for your decorator. Spring will ensure you can paint without being hindered, and will give time for the plants to grow in afterwards.

Book painters in advance

Due to the spring being the ideal time period to take care of the exterior of your home, many painters get booked up quite early on. That’s why it’s wise to get the jump on the queue and make sure you book your painter as soon as possible. The most experienced and highly rated painters will get booked up quickly, so get going now!

Here at Pimlico Painters and Decorators, our experts know exactly how to transform the outside of your building. Allow us to make your home look inviting and as good as new, just call us on 0208 289 6944 or drop us an email at . We can get you booked in for your home’s exterior makeover!

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