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We help you ensure the outside of your property looks as good as new, is well maintained, aesthetically pleasing and makes a great first impression. Our team consists of restoration experts who work with properties of all kinds to keep them looking their best, becoming the people that homeowners rely on when they need decorating or maintenance. We are based in London, so we have a very small distance to travel to reach you. This means we can provide a quote for you quickly, then get the work scheduled in at a time that suits you.

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External repair and redecoration
work for listed buildings

We work throughout central London and are experts in listed buildings. We regularly work in Pimlico, Mayfair and Belgravia, completing services for properties within the Grosvenor Estate that are listed as being of special architectural or historical interest. As a homeowner, you will have enough to worry about when it comes to complying with all your property obligations, as dictated by the City of Westminster and the Grosvenor Estate. It will be a weight off your mind when you work with us as we understand exactly how you need to maintain your stucco and the external elements of your listed home.


Stucco repairs

We can repair, re-render and paint stucco on the outside of your property, including those in designated conservation areas. We can establish the type of the original mix so that we can use materials that are compatible, refreshing your property in a way that is in keeping with its existing façade and according to all guidelines.

Stucco and exterior painting

We can paint property exteriors and are well-versed in the painting of stucco on buildings classed as being of special architectural or historical interest. We can match RAL colours to your paintwork and use the correct shade of magnolia for the Georgian estate. All our paint has a gloss or eggshell finish, as per the guidelines.

Balustrade and pillar restoration

Pillars and balustrades also require specialist care as per the City of Westminster’s Stucco Care Rules. When balustrades and cornices have deteriorated, they should be repaired instead of being removed. We can re-render and re-mould damaged balustrades, pillars and detailing, ensuring they once again blend into their surroundings.

Sash window and general woodwork repairs

We are skilled joiners as well as painters, and we can repair woodwork on the outside of your building. We regularly repair sash windows and window sills, restoring them to their original condition to help with aesthetics and insulation. We have all the equipment to work at height, so we can repair woodwork anywhere on your building.

Steps and walkway tiling

The tiling and brickwork outside your property all forms part of its original look. We can restore and repair tiling or install new tiling as required, depending upon the rules and regulations that apply to your building. When carrying out a restoration, we will source tiles that are in keeping with the ones already in place.


We can repair and renovate masonry whether it is on your building or is part of the surroundings, like a stone wall or pathway. We will repair any damage and fill in holes, using sophisticated modern methods that leave all masonry smooth and stable. If carrying out repairs, we ensure they blend in with the existing masonry.

Flat roof repairs

Flat roofs are prone to leaking, especially older ones. We can carry out repair work to fix a leaking flat roof and weatherproof it for the future. We have all the necessary equipment to work at height, so we can complete your roofing repair using modern roll-on materials that are quick to apply and will last for a long time.

External property services
for non-listed properties

We work with all kinds of homes, from modern new builds through to thatched cottages. We will be happy to quote for any of the work you need on your property, whatever its age and style. Our experience working with listed buildings has given us a real appreciation for what works, and we can advise you on styles and finishes of paintwork that will suit your property. Equally, if you require maintenance services such as sash window restoration or flat roof repairs, we will be able to provide a quote for these as well.

Interior painting
and decorating

Redecorating your home? We can help with residential properties of any size. From small apartments to large houses, we are the professional and friendly company you can trust, here for all your decorating needs.

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Wallpapering adds a stunning finish to walls in any room, whether it’s colourful, patterned, subtle or neutral. Wallpaper comes with the flexibility of wallpapering a whole room, or just a feature wall.

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