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Industrial floor coatings are made from epoxy resin and are used in commercial environments where safety is a top priority. You might find industrial safety floor coatings anywhere, from busy workshops to high-end car showrooms, as they also have excellent aesthetic qualities and can be customised using different colours and finishes. That’s why this kind of flooring is highly beneficial for businesses in various industries.

We are one of the leading industrial floor coating companies in London, offering you expert commercial solutions. We use high-quality products and are experienced in installation, ensuring the flooring is laid completely evenly and includes the aesthetic elements you require. This type of floor is primarily for safety, so we make sure we apply best practice during installation.

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What is an
industrial floor coating?

An industrial floor coating is made from epoxy resin, drying hard to create a non-slip, flat surface that is safe for people and vehicles. This makes it very popular in commercial and industrial environments as it offers you everything you need to keep people on your premises safe.

We regularly install commercial floor coverings for:

  • Car parks
  • Boiler rooms
  • Plant rooms
  • Loading bays
  • Ramps
  • Showrooms

The benefits of
industrial floor coatings

Industrial floor coatings are the modern answer to traditional paint solutions, with resin making them much more hardwearing. We often upgrade car park flooring that was originally just painted, making it more waterproof and dustproof, and more practical for the business.

Floor coatings are also highly customisable and can be painted afterwards, so you don’t lose any of the benefits that come with traditional paint solutions. We can paint your flooring in a wide range of colours to highlight bays, pedestrian walkways, beams, ramps and stairways.

Industrial floor coatings are:

  • Anti-slip
  • Water resistant
  • Extremely durable and hardwearing
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Easy to mark and paint
  • Chemically resistant
  • Resistant to oils and spillages
  • Easily cleaned

Industrial floor coatings are perfect for supermarkets, public car parks, private car parks, high-rise car parks, as well as other commercial environments. If you think your business could benefit from an industrial floor coating, please ask us for more information.

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