Decorating your home can be a daunting task. With various rooms demanding different colours and details, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Once you’ve carefully selected the right paint colour, don’t get carried away in dialling the painter’s number just yet… You still have to choose the right paint finish!

There aren’t quite as many finishes to choose from as there are colours, but this decision will have an important impact on your space. Keep reading for a guide on which paint finish to choose…

Flat and matte

  • Flat and matte paint finishes are perfect for low traffic areas. This makes them suitable for bedroom walls and ceilings.
  • With no shine, they’re slightly harder to clean if they get scuffed.
  • A matte finish is incredibly forgiving – if there are walls in your home with gouges or cracks that you want to conceal, a flat finish is the one for you.
  • A flat finish absorbs light instead of reflecting it, bringing less attention to any inconsistencies within your wall.
  • That shouldn’t stop you from using a matte finish for a statement accent wall. The contrast of a flat paint finish against an eggshell will create varying textures, adding interest to your home!

Satin and eggshell

  • Satin and eggshell finishes are often the most popular. With more durability than a matte finish but not as much of a sheen as a gloss, it’s the perfect in-between finish.
  • Satin and eggshell paints are suitable for high traffic areas, such as living rooms or kitchens.
  • Scuffs and marks are easy to clean due to the slightly shiny surface, and this means that your paint may last longer in your home.
  • It’s a good choice for kids’ bedrooms, where grubby marks all over the walls can be a common occurrence.
  • You can paint your entire home in a satin finish as it’s not too glossy, preventing the reflected light from being noticeable. It’s versatile and compliments any choice of paint colour.

Semi-glossy and glossy

  • Glossy paints have a high amount of sheen and are very reflective.
  • This makes them the easiest to clean out of your paint finish options, as scuffs and marks can just be wiped off.
  • High gloss paint is typically used on trim, railings, or a kitchen backsplash. It also works effectively in high traffic areas such as laundry rooms.
  • Although high gloss paints are easy to clean and maintain, they draw attention to imperfections on your walls. If you have cracks or bumps, you may not want to choose a gloss paint that will highlight them.
  • If your wall is properly plastered, a glossy statement wall or accent pattern can contrast other paint finishes beautifully, adding variety to your space.

Statement finish paints

  • If your home’s style is more rustic, there are paint finishes that can achieve a unique look.
  • Textured paints are a simple way to create a distinctive style, and are a great alternative to wallpaper as an accent wall. You can recreate materials such as concrete, clay and more just by using paint.
  • One of these options is limewash paint. Limewash can give your wall an industrial look, opening up a wide range of styling options.
  • These paints can add texture whilst being more subtle than a patterned wallpaper.
  • Although limewash walls can last decades, they may need touch-ups here and there.

When choosing what finish you’d like, it’s important to weigh up how much traffic your room will be receiving. If it’s a child’s bedroom, a satin or glossy finish may be more appropriate. For a master bedroom, you may prefer a matte finish. Aside from scuffs and practicality, a factor that you will need to think about is your style preference. Remember, paint finishes will also have an impact on your home’s design.

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