When decorating your home or brainstorming ways to revamp your style, staircases are often overlooked and fall to the wayside! When a staircase is painted, it can often look like a carefully curated part of your home, when in reality it’s one of the easier ways to add some new, fresh interest! Here are five benefits of painting your staircase during your home decorations, gaining that stylist aesthetic that people desire!

Disguise damage

A fresh lick of paint is brilliant for disguising any damage on your stairs. If your wooden staircase is older and it has some dents and scuffs from years of wear and tear, some thorough sanding and some fresh coats of paint, as well as a topcoat, should do a spectacular job of covering it up. This is an easier way of revamping your staircase than replacing the entire thing.

Long-lasting finish

With carpets and runners, the continuous tread up and down the stairs can create tracks in the material, making it look noticeably weathered. Painting your staircase with scuff-proof paints can often be more long-lasting, especially with enough coats and a finishing coat. This makes redecorating a worthwhile investment, with your staircase’s improved look being preserved for as long as possible.

Striking focal point

Staircases are often forgotten when it comes to deciding on a focal point in the room. Furthermore, hallways can be dull places, with limited space to play with colours and patterns. Painting your stairs in a bold colour or even playing with a pattern on the riser or the tread will draw your eyes to the stairs and add some flair into the room. This is a great opportunity if space is tight.

Cost-effective results

Painting your staircase could be the most cost-effective way to redecorate that area of your home. Fitting carpets can often be an expensive venture, and a staircase repair is intricate enough that it could need a lot of funds. If you are in a pinch, you could even do some of the painting on your stairs yourself to save some money and still benefit from a new and improved space.

Simple to clean

Cleaning a wooden painted staircase is much simpler than cleaning carpet. Dust and bacteria can get stuck in carpet much easier than on the smooth surface of wood, often leading to residual dirt and stains. This can be avoided by having a wooden staircase that is painted so that the finish is flat and wipeable. This will also save you time – valuable when there’s a whole house to clean!

Now that you have made the decision to paint your staircase as part of your home renovation, the task of finding the right painter begins… Here at Pimlico Painters and Decorators, our team are precise perfectionists, ensuring that the surface of your stairs will be perfectly smooth with fresh, glossy paint. We follow your exact requirements, ensuring that your vision comes to life. What could be better? To get in touch with us, call us on 0208 289 6944 or drop us an email at .

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