Church refurbishment decorating project in Battersea

Painting project

This was a public sector project, where our team refurbished the Sacred Heart Church located in Trott Street, Battersea SW11 3DS. The project involved major repair work, refurbishment and redecoration to restore this beautiful listed building to its former condition.

Many decades of disrepair, roof damage and leaks had left Sacred Heart Church in quite a dilapidated state. So, the decision was made by the Catholic dioceses to undertake a large restoration and redecoration project on the interior church in the summer of 2018

The painting and decorating
work completed

  • Church interior floor – fully ply boarded, and Corex laid for protection during works.
  • Church interior fully scaffolded to eaves.
  • All water-damaged stone/masonry taken out or stabilised.
  • All blistered/cracked masonry scraped back, filled, sanded, primed and prepared for painting.
  • Stone/masonry gaps rakes out to a channel of 400mm, channels cleaned, and injected with epoxy resin grout.
  • All damaged surfaces re-rendered, sanded smooth and stabilised.
  • Damaged ornamental stucco re-sculptured during rendering, to resemble the original design.
  • Eaves primed, prepared and multiple coated in the client’s choice of colour.
  • Panelled ceiling framings prepared and repainted in the wings of the church.
  • All stone and masonry in the church prepared, before being painted in 2-3 coats of decorative coloured paint.

The process

We visited the site on numerous occasions to assess the project and consult with Father Gerry on the work required. The client was unaware of the extent of the damage to the stonework and woodwork, so we advised him on the steps needed to restore the church to its former glory. We consulted with him every step of the way, as he needed to communicate to the local parish the work to be carried out, how long it would take and when the church would be closed.

We completed the work within a tight timeframe as the church was being used for a wedding – we only had four weeks. We were relying on the scaffolding team to erect the necessary access equipment in a short space of time so that we could commence the restoration work to the church eaves, which needed to be completed prior to the rest of the work. Our project team of ten people worked during evenings, weekends and through the bank holiday to ensure the work was completed on time, and to the high standards we had promised Father Gerry.

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