Internal redecoration project in St. Katherine’s Dock


This office building in St. Katherine’s Dock, E1W 1AZ, just 300 metres from the Tower of London, required a full internal redecoration and refurbishment to refresh the premises and bring it in line with the client’s expectations.

Because the building is currently in use, we arranged for all the work to be completed out of hours to minimise the disruption to the client. Our project team is used to adapting to the needs of our clients and, having made similar arrangements in the past, they were able to complete the entire project within two weekends.

The painting and decorating
work completed

  • All cracks, holes, and blemishes were filled so that the surfaces were ready for painting.
  • Any water damaged areas were treated with Dulux Stain Block.
  • Walls and ceilings were given an initial mist-coating, followed by two coats of emulsion.
  • All the woodwork was filled and sanded smooth to prepare it for painting.
  • Once prepared, the woodwork was undercoated and then an eggshell finish topcoat was applied.
  • Kick plates were fitted to the bottom of all the internal doors.

The process

We worked out of hours over two weekends to ensure that the project was completed with minimal disruption to the client’s business. To prepare for our work over the weekend, we visited the premises on the Friday evening so that we could lay down protective plastic floor coverings and case all fixtures and fittings ahead of painting.

Once the area was protected, we prepped all the surfaces for painting by filling any cracks, holes and blemishes. Any water damaged areas were also treated with Stain Block. The walls and ceilings were mist-sprayed and then two coats of emulsion were applied to ensure a beautiful finish with full colour coverage. For the woodwork (doors, skirting boards and windows) we applied colour-coded undercoats and an eggshell finish topcoat. We also fitted kick plates to the bottom of all the internal doors. Once our work was completed, we cleaned up any mess so that the office was ready for use on Monday morning.

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