Accent wall

Decorating your home is something that should be an experience that is rife with creativity and expression. While an entire home full of neutral colours can be very classy, there’s something to be said for a fun accent wall here and there. This can help you bring some personality to your property, and can offer more design opportunities to play around with. An accent wall is a classic way to elevate your style, and here are the top tips we have curated to help you go through the process.

Be creative with the paint you use

There is no rule book. As long as you believe your accent wall is an expression of your design preference, that’s all that matters! That’s why you could think about playing with the texture of your paint. You could experiment with a metallic finish, a matte finish, and even a limewash finish. The differences in texture will bring some depth to the room, with the eye drawing immediately to the focal point.

Consider the colour carefully

Deciding to do an accent wall is a time when you should break out the colour theory. It is imperative that the colour you choose for your accent wall complements the colour of the other walls in the room. Your accent colour could even be a shade of neutral, for example a dark brown to complement a camel beige, but they must be complementary. Typically, accent walls are of a bold colour, so that it is eye catching and daring.

Think about an accent ceiling

An incredibly sophisticated, but rarely seen feature that you could consider is an accent ceiling. A lot of the time, people like the uniformity of having all their walls the same colour. However, there’s nothing to say you can’t still have some fun. An accent ceiling can create a cosy vibe, especially if you elect a darker colour. There are also techniques that can make the room look different sizes with the colour of your ceiling paint, which is something you could explore.

Utilise your creativity with stencils

Using stencils can help you make a creative pattern on your accent wall. Sometimes, a block colour can seem overwhelming, especially if the colour you have chosen is especially dark. You can find a large variation of patterns, all of which can lean into a different style. There are stencils of mandalas, art-deco patterns, and even more personalised options such as clouds and arches. Stencils hand the control to you, as you can decide to decorate all of the wall with the pattern or just a small section.

Experiment with wallpaper

If you have decided that you want a more complicated pattern than a stencil can provide you with, wallpaper could be the way forward. There are endless number of options that you can play around with when it comes to wallpaper, from patterns of a jungle scene to a galaxy. Wallpaper can sometimes give off a more artistic feel, especially if the pattern is lavish and loud. Although there is a different, and perhaps more precise method of application for wallpaper, the result is beautiful.

Pick your accent wall carefully

When considering an accent wall, you may be wondering which wall to choose. We have some tips when it comes to this… Firstly, do not choose a wall with a window, as the light coming in from the window will backlight the wall, making your chosen colour seem muddied and skewed. It also would make sense for your accent wall to be the one that your eye is most naturally drawn to, whether this is because it has a fireplace on it or it will be the wall that houses your bed’s headboard.

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