It’s undeniable that paint colours make an incredible difference to your interior design. A room can easily be transformed simply with a lick of paint in a new colour, and it can change the way a room feels as well as looks. Statements can be made with a bold accent wall or the room can be made to feel calm with neutral, soothing colours. Where some people elect to stay classical, painting their rooms white and using accessories to bring in the colour, other homeowners like to be daring, changing their wall colour frequently. It could be that these people follow paint colour trends. Let’s investigate what the paint colour trends are predicted to be in 2023…

Deep reds and rusts

The era of neutral greys and beiges may be coming to an end – now is the time for deep, rich reds and rust colours. Red colours are extremely versatile, and they can even look different at varying times of the day. A vibrant shade in the morning can transform to a dusky shade in the evening, making you feel as if your room is everchanging. It also provides rich tones, as opposed to a neutral basis such as grey. This adds more interest into your room.

Dark, moody blue

It may seem like navy blue has been the trend for a while, but it looks like it’s here to stay. Navy blue has the effect of making a room seem cosy and moody, and often people lean into small spaces and create a calming nook with a dark blue. As opposed to a lighter blue, navy blues don’t make a room feel cold, allowing you to use the colour more easily and still benefit from a cosy and moody room. This darker colour leans into a more classical style, and yet is still a bold choice.

Warm neutrals

Where cool neutrals, such as grey, have been all the rage, now’s the time where we could think about switching to the warmer neutrals. Paint colours with a warm undertone, like hints of yellows and golds, can provide you with a blank canvas whilst ensuring that the space you’re decorating is inviting, and not cold in any way. These neutrals also give you freedom when it comes to decorating your space, as you can take your pick from the colours that can be paired with neutrals.

Soft, natural pink

Pinks can often seem difficult to design around, and many people tend to steer clear of it. However, pink can be a very gentle and natural colour. Coming in a large variety of shades, you can elect a pink that looks more like earthy plaster, which will help you emulate natural tones in your room. You could also elect a pastel blush, creating a soft accent in your room and a calming environment to be in. There are also many colours that can complement pink, so lots to have fun with.

Jewel toned green

Dark, jewel toned green is another shade that seems to have taken the interior design world by storm, but it seems there’s a reason for this. Forest and jewel toned greens evoke a natural and wild feeling, with their dark hue making the room cosy and comforting, without being too dark to be overwhelming in the space. Green is paired well with earthy toned colours, which is very on theme for the other paint colour trends of 2023.

If you’re considering repainting some of your rooms, you could consider some of the trends outlined in this guide for 2023. To consult with the experts on what will look good in your home, and for experienced decorators to carry out your painting, come to Pimlico Painters and Decorators. We will provide excellent results, just give us a call on 0208 289 6944 or email .

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